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February 2018


March 2018

  • Thursday, March 8, 2018 - 4:30pm to 6:00pm
    Location: Room 806, 1619 Massachusetts Avenue NW

    At the bilateral summit meeting in PyeongChang in February, Prime Minister Abe and President Moon expressed hope that they want to build a future-oriented Japan-South Korea relations this year. While 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of the Japan-South Korea Joint Declaration of 1998, it has been...

  • Thursday, March 8, 2018 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm
    Location: Kenney Herter Auditorium, 1740 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington DC

    Global Women in Leadership (GWL) proudly presents its Women's Day Event. This is a 2-hour hands-on workshop to train SAISers in the basics of self-defense. Course taught by martial arts professional with 13+ years experience. No previous training needed. Open to both men and women! 

  • Thursday, March 8, 2018 - 6:30pm to 7:30pm
    Location: Room 500, 1717 Massachusetts Avenue NW

    Join us for a conversation with University of Plymouth, UK Professor Liz Wells on how human action impacts the land.

    Through reference to contemporary landscape photography internationally, Professor Wells will discuss visual modes of investigation and storytelling relating to the...

  • Friday, March 9, 2018 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm
    Location: Room 203, 1619 Massachusetts Avenue NW

    Learn how to use RefWorks to import, organize, and store references to books, articles, documents, and websites... anything you need for a paper or project. Taught by Steve Sears and Jenny Gelman, SAIS Librarians, this class will also touch upon the RefWorks add-in for Word and Google Docs, used...

  • Friday, March 9, 2018 - 4:30pm to 6:00pm
    Location: Room 417, 1740 Massachusetts Avenue NW

    Please join us for a panel discussion on CARI's research.

    Over the past few years, hundreds of Chinese firms have invested in manufacturing in Africa. Our researchers explored the realities of this investment on the ground: what sectors are Chinese firms investing in? Is technology being...

  • Monday, March 12, 2018 - 12:30pm to 2:00pm
    Location: Room 500, 1717 Massachusetts Avenue NW

    The Korea Studies Program at Johns Hopkins SAIS invites the school's community to the luncheon with Dr. Kevin Gray, a Reader in International Relations at the School of Global Studies, University of Sussex. Dr. Gray will analyze the current economic reforms in North Korea, as well as how they...

  • Monday, March 12, 2018 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm
    Location: Room 806, 1619 Massachusetts Avenue NW

    Wind and solar are the most dynamic components of the global power sector. How did this happen? After the 1973 oil crisis, the limitations of an energy system based on fossil fuels created an urgent need to experiment with alternatives, and some pioneering governments reaped political gains by...

  • Monday, March 12, 2018 - 6:30pm to 8:00pm
    Location: Penthouse

    Luisa Chiodi
    Osservatorio Balcani Caucaso - Transeuropa, Italy
    Hard Power/Soft Power in Global Politics Series
    Luisa Chiodi has been the Director of Osservatorio Balcani Caucaso Transeuropa (OBCT) since 2006.

    She obtained her PhD from the...

  • Tuesday, March 13, 2018 - 12:15pm to 1:45pm
    Location: Room 806, 1619 Massachusetts Avenue NW

    Each year, experts from World Resources Institute look at trends, political dynamics, data and innovations that will shape environment, economy and international development for the coming year.

    Michael Oko will share insights into the big stories and global trends shaping the world. In...

  • Tuesday, March 13, 2018 - 2:30pm to 4:00pm
    Location: Rome Auditorium, 1619 Massachusetts Avenue NW

    Egypt has embarked on a comprehensive reforms after signing 12 billion USD loan agreement with the IMF. Government has passed laws to provide more incentives for both domestic and foreign investors and US companies are more present in Egypt as the country also has FTA agreements with the Middle...