In The News, September 21 - October 4, 2016

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‘In the News’ is a roundup of recent media coverage featuring the Johns Hopkins SAIS community and is produced and distributed several times a month by the Office of Marketing, Communications, and Strategic Initiatives.

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September 21 – October 4, 2016

Distinguished Professor Emeritus of International Organization and Conflict Resolution I. William Zartman discussed a vote in Colombia to reject a peace deal with rebels. The Cipher Brief 10/4/2016

Foreign Policy Institute Fellow Randa Slim discussed the breakdown between U.S,-Russian talks over a cease-fire agreement in Syria. Politico 10/3/2016  

Center for Transatlantic Relations Managing Director András Simonyi wrote about Hungary's referendum on refugees. The Huffington Post 10/3/2016

South Asia Studies Visiting Scholar Rohullah Osmani wrote about investments in Afghanistan's infrastructure and mining sector. Foreign Affairs 10/2/2016

Visiting Scholar Michael Madden commented on challenges relating to North Korea for the next U.S. president. Stars and Stripes 10/2/2016

Professor Emeritus of American Foreign Policy Michael Mandelbaum's book, Mission Failure, is cited for explaining American policy failures with China and Russia. Standpoint 10/1/2016

Foreign Policy Institute Senior Fellow Harry Broadman wrote about technology innovations in Africa following the continent's economic progress. Forbes 9/30/2016  

Center for Transatlantic Relations Fellow Christina Lin wrote about the evolution of combating terrorism in China. The Cipher Brief 9/30/2016

Middle East Studies Adjunct Professor Jean-François Seznec commented on oil production and assets in Saudi Arabia. Oil and Gas Journal 9/30/2016

Conflict Management Program Director Daniel Serwer wrote about political transition in Syria. News Deeply 9/30/2016

Professor of International Law and Diplomacy Ruth Wedgwood wrote about the qualities of a leader needed to serve as UN secretary general. The Washington Post 9/29/2016

Randa Slim discussed Iraqi military plans to reclaim the city of Mosul from Islamic State militants. PBS NewsHour 9/29/2016

China-Africa Research Initiative ‎Research Manager Janet Eom wrote about Chinese loans and investments in Africa. The Diplomat 9/29/2016

SAIS Europe Director Michael G. Plummer discussed the outcome of long-term economic and trade policies in China. Greater China Live. 9/29/2016

Christina Lin wrote about anti-Chinese militants in Syria. Asia Times 9/28/2016

Distinguished Practitioners-in-Residence John McLaughlin commented on U.S. national security and relations with China. Global Times 9/27/2016

U.S.-Korea Institute Visiting Scholar Joel Wit commented on strategies for the next U.S. president to address North Korea denuclearization. Korea Times 9/27/2016

Dean Vali Nasr's book, The Dispensable Nation, is cited for explaining politicians' interest in diplomacy and the UN General Assembly. Al Arabiya English 9/27/2016

The U.S.-Korea Institute reported on the new capabilities of North Korea's missile programThe New York Times 9/26/2016

Dean Vali Nasr's book, The Shia Revival, is cited for explaining the parallels between Shi'a and Catholicism. Crux 9/26/2016

Daniel Serwer discussed the UN General Assembly and refugee crisis in Syria. CCTV America 9/26/2016

Foreign Policy Institute Fellow David Satter discussed Russia's potential interest in the U.S. presidential election. Background Briefing with Ian Masters 9/26/2016

Distinguished Practitioner-in-Residence Eric Edelman and John McLaughlin wrote about national security crises that could dominate the next U.S. presidency. Medium 9/26/2016

Harry Broadman wrote about the outcome of the G-20 summit. Gulf News 9/25/2016

Foreign Policy Institute Fellow Benjamin Creutzfeldt commented on business and trade relations between China and Cuba. South China Morning Post 9/24/2016

The U.S.-Korea Institute reported North Korea's recent rocket launch was more powerful than anything it has tested beforeCNN 9/23/2016

The Foreign Policy Institute's report "Crisis Stability in Space: China and Other Challenges," is cited on the vulnerability of U.S. space assets. Defense Systems 9/23/2016

Christina Lin wrote about the financial burden of U.S. alliances and its impact on national security. Asia Times 9/22/2016

Foreign Policy Institute Senior Fellow Abbas Kadhim wrote about government reform in Iraq. The Huffington Post 9/21/2016

Michael G. Plummer estimated the impact of the Trans-Pacific Partnership on the U.S. automobile trading deficit. Trade & Investment Policy Watch, Peterson Institute for International Economics 9/21/2016