In The News, March 6 - March 24, 2017


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‘In the News’ is a roundup of recent media coverage featuring the Johns Hopkins SAIS community and is produced and distributed by the Office of Marketing, Communications, and Strategic Initiatives.

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March 6 – March 24, 2017

European and Eurasian Studies Visiting Scholar Rachel S. Altman wrote about India’s deteriorating relations with Russia and growing ties with the U.S. Newsweek 3/24/2017

Director of the Center for Transatlantic Relations Daniel Hamilton co-wrote about economic and political partnerships between the U.S. and EU. The Conversation 3/24/2017

Dean Vali Nasr is cited on former U.S. President Barack Obama's foreign policy legacy. The Nation 3/23/2017

Director of the Edwin O. Reischauer Center for East Asian Studies and Director of Asia Programs Kent E. Calder commented on China's role in stabilizing the world economy. CNBC 3/23/2017

Conflict Management Program Director Daniel Serwer commented on the former prime minister of Macedonia's support of Russia. Politico 3/22/2017

Global Policy Program Director Daniel Markey wrote about Pakistan's army and intelligence service controlling most of the core state policies. The Cipher Brief 3/22/2017

China Studies Visiting Scholar Pieter P. Bottelier commented on China’s "One Belt, One Road" initiative. Knowledge @ Wharton 3/22/2017

Henry A. Kissinger Distinguished Professor of Global Affairs Hal Brands and Roger Hertog Distinguished Practitioner-in- Residence Eric Edelman wrote about the U.S. military and defense strategy. Real Clear Defense 3/21/2017

South Asia Studies Adjunct Professor Touqir Hussain wrote about Pakistan's foreign policy. The Express Tribune 3/21/2017

U.S.-Korea Institute Director Jae H. Ku is cited on sanctions imposed on North Korea. International Business Times 3/21/2017

U.S.-Korea Institute Senior Fellow Joel Wit is cited on North Korea's nuclear capabilities. The National Interest 3/20/2017

Foreign Policy Institute Herter/Nitze Distinguished Scholar Antony Blinken discussed U.S.-German relations and U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's visit to Asia. CNN Fareed Zakaria GPS 3/19/2017

China Studies Director David M. Lampton discussed bilateral relations between the U.S. and China. South China Morning Post 3/19/2017

Foreign Policy Institute Senior Fellow and emerge85 Co-director Afshin Molavi discussed the meeting between the Saudi deputy crown prince and U.S. President Trump. Arab News 3/18/2017

David M. Lampton discussed China's stance on the U.S. negotiating with North Korea. The Christian Science Monitor 3/17/2017

Hal Brands wrote about U.S. President Trump's strategy on the Islamic State. Foreign Policy 3/17/2017

David M. Lampton is cited on U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's rhetoric about North Korea. The Christian Science Monitor 3/17/2017

Afshin Molavi discussed U.S.-German relations, the U.S. immigration ban, and the Dutch elections. CGTN's The Heat 3/17/2017

U.S.-Korea Institute Assistant Director Jenny Town discussed the potential impact of the U.S. secretary of state's rhetoric about North Korea. Morningstar 3/17/2017

U.S.-Korea Institute Senior Fellow Joel Wit discussed the Trump administration's approach to U.S. diplomacy with North Korea. NPR's All Things Considered 3/16/2017

Director of the Bologna Institute for Policy Research Filippo Taddei commented on the euro currency debate in Italy. The Financial Times 3/16/2017

Korea Studies Lecturer Eunjung Lim discussed the potential consequences of the joint military exercises between the U.S. and South Korea. CNN 3/16/2017

Distinguished Practitioner-in-Residence John McLaughlin wrote about America's fading reputation as an international leader. OZY 3/16/2017

Eric Edelman commented on proposed spending cuts that would impact the U.S. Institute of Peace. The Washington Post 3/16/2017

Daniel Hamilton commented on ties between the U.S. and Germany. The Star Tribune 3/16/2017

Antony Blinken wrote about the use of diplomacy to address North Korea's nuclear threat. The New York Times 3/15/2017

Daniel Hamilton commented on the meeting between the U.S. president and German chancellor. Voice of America 3/15/2017

Foreign Policy Institute Visiting Scholar David Satter discussed Russian President Vladimir Putin's rise in political power. WNPR 3/15/2017

Eunjung Lim discussed North Korea benefiting from a feud between the U.S. and China. Gray TV 3/15/2017

Antony Blinken discussed U.S. national security under the Trump administration. The Washington Post's Cape Up 3/14/2017

Director of European and Eurasian Studies Erik Jones commented on populism in European countries. CNBC 3/14/2017 

Senior Advisor to the Dean Shamila Chaudhary is cited on U.S. policies on Afghanistan and Pakistan. Voice of America 3/13/2017

Center for Canadian Studies Director Christopher Sands discussed U.S.-Canada trade relations. CTV News 3/13/2017

Director of Strategic Studies Eliot Cohen is cited on relationships between presidents and their secretaries of state and defense. The Fiscal Times 3/12/2017

Afshin Molavi wrote about globalization in the Netherlands. The Washington Post 3/12/2017

Daniel Hamilton co-wrote about potential agenda topics in advance of the meeting between the German chancellor and U.S. president. The Huffington Post 3/12/2017

The U.S.-Korea Institute said satellite images indicate North Korea is preparing another nuclear test. Bloomberg 3/12/2017

Jenny Town commented on the growing risks of North Korea's nuclear threats. The Globe and Mail 3/11/2017

The U.S.-Korea Institute said satellite images indicate substantial tunnel activity at a North Korean nuclear test site. Yonhap News 3/10/2017

David M. Lampton discussed U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's rhetoric about North Korea's nuclear program. The Christian Science Monitor 3/9/2017

European and Eurasian Studies Adjunct Professor Matthew Rojansky discussed U.S. policies on Russia. CNN Tonight 3/9/2017

Daniel Serwer discussed U.S.-Iraq relations following the Iraqi prime minister's trip to Washington. Arab News 3/9/2017

Director of the Henry A. Kissinger Center for Global Affairs Francis J. Gavin discussed the foreign policy establishment in WashingtonWar on the Rocks 3/9/2017

Joel Wit discussed China's proposal to address North Korea's nuclear program. The Christian Science Monitor 3/8/2017  

Center for Transatlantic Relations Senior Fellow Michael Haltzel commented on Montenegro joining NATO. Fortune 3/7/2017

Antony Blinken discussed U.S. President Trump's allegations of wiretapping. CNN 3/6/2017