In The News, June 8 - June 21, 2016


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‘In the News’ is a roundup of recent media coverage featuring the Johns Hopkins SAIS community and is produced and distributed several times a month by the Office of Marketing, Communications, and Strategic Initiatives.

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June 8 – June 21, 2016
Distinguished Practitioner-in-Residence John McLaughlin explained why Americans have an interest in Britain remaining a part of the European Union. OZY 6/21/2016

Southeast Asia Studies Visiting Scholar David I. Steinberg wrote about social and cultural changes in Myanmar. The Irrawaddy 6/21/2016

Analysis by the U.S.-Korea Institute examined North Korea's nuclear weapon stockpile and the potential threat of growth. The Korea Times 6/19/2016

Conflict Management Program Director Daniel Serwer discussed U.S. and international support of the new government in Libya. USA Today 6/18/2016

South Asia Studies Program Director Walter Andersen wrote about India balancing its ties with the U.S. and China to become a great power. The Diplomat 6/17/2016

Daniel Serwer commented on an internal memo by U.S. Department of State officials urging military force against the Syrian president. The Independent 6/17/2016

Foreign Policy Institute Fellow Randa Slim discussed the views of Syria experts on President Barack Obama’s policies toward fighting ISIS. Time Magazine 6/16/2016

Strategic Studies Adjunct Professor Seth Jones wrote about U.S. priorities in Afghanistan following a U.S. airstrike that killed a Taliban leader in Pakistan. Foreign Affairs 6/16/2016

African Studies Lecturer Seth Kaplan wrote about how the U.S. and other world powers can support effective governance in Libya. Foreign Policy 6/15/2016

Center for Transatlantic Relations Fellow Christina Lin wrote about the spread of Wahhabism, a branch of Islam, in the Middle East. Asia Times 6/15/2016

Center for Transatlantic Relations Managing Director András Simonyi wrote about how the U.S. can approach radicalism, following a mass shooting in Orlando. The Hill 6/14/2016

U.S.-Korea Institute Assistant Director Jenny Town said the use of sanctions against North Korea without diplomacy is ineffective in stopping nuclear proliferation. Yonhap News Agency 6/14/2016

Daniel Serwer explained how the use of rhetoric in describing terrorist groups could alienate Muslims. CNN 6/13/2016

Director of the Latin American Studies Program Riordan Roett said crime in Rio de Janeiro is among several challenges Brazil faces as it prepares to host the upcoming Olympics. CBS News 6/13/2016

John McLaughlin discussed the evolution of global terrorism following a mass shooting at an Orlando nightclub. OZY 6/13/2016

U.S.-Korea Institute Researcher Curtis Melvin discussed the relocation of North Korea’s state-run weather information service. Yonhap News Agency 6/13/2016

Christina Lin wrote about pipeline wars to control energy supplies involving Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Turkey, and Syria. Asia Times 6/12/2016

Director of China Studies David M. Lampton said U.S.-China relations can be strengthened by a greater emphasis on areas of cooperation. China Daily 6/11/2016

Dean Vali Nasr discussed U.S. foreign policy toward Iran, relations with Saudi Arabia, and the fight against ISIS. Conversations in the Digital Age CUNY TV 6/10/2016

Walter Andersen discussed ways the Indian prime minister can advance relations with the U.S. on his trip to Washington. India Abroad 6/10/2016

According to a report by an Energy, Resources and Environment Program practicum team, climate change can exacerbate the frequency and intensity of pandemic outbreaksArtemis 6/10/2016  

Dean Vali Nasr discussed the impact of low oil and gas prices in the Middle East. Oil and Gas Journal 6/9/2016

Energy, Resources and Environment Program students collaborated with Swiss Re on a report examining the implications of climate change on global pandemic risk. Insurance Journal 6/9/2016 

Daniel Serwer commented on the Islamic State’s capabilities and use of chemical weaponsRudaw 6/9/2016


Director of European and Eurasian Studies Erik Jones wrote about the referendum to decide if Britain should leave the European Union. OxPol The Oxford University Politics Blog 6/8/2016