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The Man Who Never Wanted to be President: Vaclav Havel's Dilemmas in the Velvet Revolution

Adela Gjuricova
Senior Researcher, Czech Institute of Contemporary History, Academy of Science, Prague, Czech Republic

Part of the Patrick McCarthy Memorial Series on Intellectuals and Politics, supported by the "Patrick McCarthy Fund"

Adela Gjuricova is a senior researcher at the Czech Institute of Contemporary History at the Academy of Science in Prague. She focuses on the politics of the late communist era, the 1989 revolutions and post-communist transformations in Central Europe. She is currently working on a project dealing with the last federal parliament of Czechoslovakia ("The Czechoslovak Federal Assembly 1989-1992: Emancipation of a Legislature"). She is co-author of several books, most recently Rozdeleni minulosti: Vytvareni politickych identit v Ceske republice po roce 1989 [Divided by the Past: Political Identities in the Czech Republic after 1989] (Prague, Václav Havel Library 2011).

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Date and Time
December 6, 2012
7:30pm - 9:30pm Local Time

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