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A Johns Hopkins Voyage to China’s Ancient Tea Horse Road: “China’s Changing Frontier: The Ancient Cultures and Natural Wonders of Yunnan”

Join Professors David M. Lampton, Director of SAIS China, and Hua Tao, an expert on the history and contemporary development of China’s northwestern minorities and the history of Islam in China, for an exclusive trip to China’s southwestern frontier, Yunnan Province. Participate in the Hopkins-Nanjing Center’s 30th Anniversary celebration and learn about the local and environmental impact of China’s economic development by visiting the Xiaowan Dam, the third-largest dam in the world, and ancient Muslim trading posts like Donglianhua along the Tea Horse Road connecting India and Tibet (also known as China’s Southern Silk Road), which doubled as an allied supply route during World War II. Includes a stay at the Linden Centre, a meticulously restored historic courtyard mansion founded and run by HNC alumnus Brian Linden HNC’88. Formal details and RSVP information to follow. Please direct questions and interest to

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Date and Time
June 17, 2016 5:00pm (start)
June 19, 2016 12:00pm (end) Local Time

Formal details and RSVP information to follow.