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Co-Existence and Co-Production: Soviet-American Cinematic Diplomacy in the Cold War

Marsha Siefert
Associate Professor, Department of History, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary

Part of the Topics in Cold War History Seminar Series

Marsha Siefert is associate professor and director of the History Doctoral Program at Central European University, Budapest. She is a cultural and communications historian, specializing in nineteenth- and twentieth-century Eastern Europe. Her books on the Soviet Union and Russia include Extending the Borders of Russian History (Central European University Press 2003) and Mass Culture and Perestroika in the Soviet Union (Oxford University Press 1991), which won a national award from the Association of American Publishers. Her most recent research on the Cold War has appeared in Divided Dreamworlds? The Cultural Cold War East and West (Amsterdam University Press 2012) and Cold War Cultures: Perspectives on Eastern and Western European Societies (Berghahn 2012). She has also published in Journal of Arts Management, Law and Society, Journal of Communication, Journal of Folklore Research, Poetics Today, Science in Context, Ukraina Moderna, and the International Encyclopedia of Communication. Before coming to Central European University, she was Editor of the Journal of Communicationat the University of Pennsylvania, where she also co-edited three books and two book series with Oxford University Press (15 volumes) and Longman Publishers (23 volumes). Currently she serves on the boards of Popular Music and Society, International Communication Gazette, New Media and Society, Media and Religion in Russia, and is co-editor of a new book series, Historical Studies in Eastern Europe and Eurasia with Central European University Press.

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Date and Time
March 7, 2013
7:30pm - 9:30pm Local Time

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