The Brief, October 2015

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October 2015

Russian Tanks and Syrian Refugees


As Syria welcomes Russian tanks and warplanes, and Europe struggles with influxes of refugees from Syria, experts debated the costs of refugees, host country policies, and solutions to the conflict.

In a Politico article, Dean Vali Nasr said that "Russia's daring intervention in Syria is not just a rude shock for Washington, but also could be a strategic game-changer for the Middle East." Read More

John McLaughlin, distinguished practitioner in residence, wrote in Ozy that "by establishing a ground presence, Russia hopes not only to increase Assad's chances of surviving but also to be in a position to influence the succession if he does not." Read More

Erik Jones, professor of European studies and international political economy, told The Washington Post that “the countries that take the longest to process refugees and have the tightest restrictions on them end up paying the most per refugee.” Read More

Professor of Latin American Studies Riordan Roett discussed in The Christian Science Monitor that Latin American commitments to refugees "shows an opening of the minds of Latin American political leaders that feel they have to step up and do what they can.” Read More

Dan Serwer, senior research professor of conflict management, told MSNBC that the U.S. effort to take in 85,000 refugees represents a “small part of the solution” and that “the problem is a political problem in Syria and has to be resolved inside Syria.” Read More

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