The Brief, April 2017


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April 10, 2017 
China: A Rising Global Leader?

Johns Hopkins SAIS experts weighed in on the prospect of China becoming a world power in globalization, as the country takes a lead in the global economy, diplomacy, and infrastructure development.

Director of the Edwin O. Reischauer Center for East Asian Studies and Director of Asia Programs Kent E. Calder told CNBC that "since 2008 (the global financial crisis), the question for the world economy has been who will serve as key stabilizer for the world economy," and "there's no question that the economic power and geopolitical influence of China has risen sharply in the last decade." Read more

In a public proposal by China to help de-escalate North Korea's nuclear program, U.S.-Korea Institute Senior Fellow Joel Wit told The Christian Science Monitor that China "is in effect trying to mediate between the United States and North Korea" and "they are throwing this proposal out there with the hope that it puts the brakes on what could be a deteriorating situation." Read more

China Studies Visiting Scholar Pieter P. Bottelier told Knowledge @ Wharton that China's One Belt, One Road initiative to link a network of routes is a "positive initiative and a major vision of how China can collaborate with countries in its neighborhood, Europe, Latin America and Africa in a way that is in the long-term interest of China and (the global economy)." Read more

Ahead of a meeting between two of the world's most powerful leaders, China Studies Director David M. Lampton told the South China Morning Post that Chinese President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Donald Trump have similar personalities that may help in reaching agreements on trade and investments because "Xi has his own sensitive domestic circumstances, and Trump does too," and "they're both nationalistic leaders, they're both prone to be sensitive to criticism." Read more

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