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The Henry A. Kissinger Center for Global Affairs serves as convening forum for resident, visiting, and affiliated scholars. To research and debate contemporary international policy issues.

The Korea Studies Program was launched in 2006 in response to a growing demand for intensive study of political, security and economic issues on the Korean Peninsula. In its relatively short history, the program has grown rapidly to become one of the nation’s leading Korea policy studies programs, preparing the next generation of leaders and professionals in the field of Korean affairs.

The Korean Language Program offers a progressive and skills-based learning experience for graduate students in the fields of international relations and/or development.

The Language Studies Program offers classes that assist students in successfully meeting the Johns Hopkins SAIS language graduation requirements. In addition, language classes offer a great opportunity to develop vocabulary and communication skills that are relevant to students’ academic studies and career goals. 

The SAIS Latin American Studies Program (LASP) offers students the opportunity to gain a broad understanding of Latin America as a global player while simultaneously developing functional expertise through a policy-oriented curriculum. A diverse group of countries richly endowed with natural resources, Latin America provides the perfect laboratory to learn about key international policy areas such as energy, emerging markets, and sustainable development, as they apply to the region and beyond.

Read more about the school's Leadership, including Deans and Advisory Councils, which serve as a critical source of advice and counsel to the Johns Hopkins SAIS Dean in setting the overall course for the school's future. 

The Leadership Academy for Development (LAD) trains government officials and business leaders from developing countries to help the private sector be a constructive force for economic growth and development.

SAIS Library, also known as Mason Library, offers comprehensive library services to SAIS students, faculty and staff. Access is limited to individuals with a valid Johns Hopkins University ID card or a valid Library visitor pass

The Robert H. Evans Library occupies a wing of the building and seats more than 115 in its large study rooms. The library contains a specialized collection of more than 85,000 volumes. In addition to supporting the educational and research needs of the SAIS community, the library is also open for consultation to local and visiting scholars

SAIS Library, also known as Mason Library, offers comprehensive library services to SAIS students, faculty and staff.