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The Spanish Program offers a unique learning experience for graduate students in the fields of international relations and/or development. Through classroom activities, students are given the opportunity to develop their Spanish skills, and also to incorporate and transfer knowledge from their other academic courses and professional interests. 

The Strategic Studies Program explores the relationship between politics and the many kinds of military power—from the use of terror by small, non-state groups to the threatened use of nuclear weapons.

Students are welcome to join the diverse array of student organizations listed here. Club membership provides an important opportunity to develop skills in leadership, programming, and collaboration.

The Higher Education Act of 1965 includes many student disclosures and reporting requirements by universities. These requirements include statistics and/or information regarding retention and graduation rates, financial assistance, campus crime statistics, athletic program participation rates and financial support, and other institutional information including cost of attendance, accreditation and academic program data, facilities and services available to disabled students, and withdrawal and refund policies. 

Thai is one of four Southeast Asian languages offered at the school. It is offered at levels based on students' needs and demands.

The Brief highlights Johns Hopkins SAIS expertise on current events and is produced by the Office of Marketing, Communications, and Strategic Initiatives.

The Grassroots China Initiative offers summer internships to entrepreneurial and motivated students interested in working on the ground with NGOs in China.

Campus information about how to order a transcript.