Arntraud Hartmann

Arntraud Hartmann, PhD

Adjunct Professor of International Development
International Development
International Economics

SAIS Europe


  • Eastern Europe
  • Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Foreign Aid and Global Poverty
  • Economic Development
  • French
  • German

Background and Education

Visiting Professor, Hertie School of Governance, Berlin; Consultant to the Brookings Institution, the IMF and the World Bank. Consultant to a variety of organizations including the Brookings Institution, IFAD, the IMF and the World Bank; former senior manager at the World Bank including Senior Adviser to the Managing Director, country director for southeast European countries; chief of mission to Romania; research fellow at the UNICEF International Child Development Center; PhD, law, University of Hamburg.

Publications: "Scaling Up Programs for the Rural Poor: IFAD's Experience, Lessons and Prospects (Phase 2)," co-author, Brookings Institution Working Paper (2013); "Scaling up the Fight Against Rural Poverty: An Institutional Review of IFAD's Approach," co-author, Brookings Institution Working Paper (2010); "Scaling up: A Framework and Lessons for Development Effectiveness from Literature and Practice," co-author, Brookings Institution Working Paper (2008); "Strategies for Peace and Prosperity in the Balkans" in Journal for Constitutional Studies (2001); numerous World Bank studies, including the influential "The Road to Stability and Prosperity in South Eastern Europe" (2000).

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Spring 2015 
The course inte...
The course intends to familiarize students with key economic concepts underlying the basic process of economic growth and development and to familiarize students with some of the prominent theories and models associated with this debate. The course will examine (i) why countries grow and and develop (and other dont); (ii) the barriers to economic growth in poor countries; (iii) how these barriers can be overcome. In addition to standard approaches to economic development, the course looks at human capital and institutions as components in the growth process and briefly assesses the impacts of development aid on economic growth. An important feature of the course is to help students apply theoretical concepts studied in class to particular developing countries. For this purpose each student will select one developing country and practice the application of conceptual approaches discussed in class. (Cross listed International Economics/International Development.)
January 23, 2013 
Arntraud Hartma...

Arntraud Hartmann, Adjunct Professor of International Development, co-authored a Brookings Institution working paper that summarizes the results of the IFAD Institutional Scaling Up Review titled, "Scaling Up Programs for the Rural Poor: IFAD's Experience, Lessons and Prospects (Phase 2)."