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Trump alienates America’s allies and hands Iran a victory The New York Times 10/13/2017
International affairs expert says not recertifying Iran deal is a mistake NPR's All Things Considered 10/13/2017
‘He threw a fit’: Trump’s anger over Iran deal forced aides to scramble for a compromise The Washington Post 10/11/2017
Ending the Iran deal is an invitation to war The Atlantic 10/10/2017

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SAIS Europe Seminars
John Lipsky, Johns Hopkins SAIS Henry A. Kissinger Center for Global Affairs scholar delivered the first annual Robert A. Mundell Global Risk lecture at SAIS Europe. Read More »
Student Profiles: Johns Hopkins SAIS Snapshot Blog
Read about the diverse backgrounds and latest accomplishments of the Johns Hopkins SAIS community. Learn More »
News: Xi Jinping
Director of China Studies David M. Lampton told The New York Times that under Xi Jinping, the Chinese Communist Party is headed in the direction of strongman rule. Read More »
News: U.S. and Iran
In an op-ed for The New York Times, Johns Hopkins SAIS Scholar Antony J. Blinken analyzes President Trump's speech on the Iran Nuclear Deal. Read More »
News: Organization of American States
Latin American Studies' Benjamin Gedan joined CSIS' podcast "35 West" to discuss his controversial article that called for the disbanding of the Organization of American States. Read More »
News: Kirkuk Crisis
Director of Conflict Management Daniel Serwer told Voice of America that Baghdad and Irbil should return to the negotiating table to discuss Kurdistan’s relationship with Iraq. Read More »
News: Iran Nuclear Deal
Dean Vali Nasr joined NPR's All Things Considered to offer insight on what happens now that President Trump says he won't re-certify the Iran nuclear deal. Read More »